Matcha Frankenstein baked oats!

matcha cake


Ngl I can’t stop laughing at this 😂😂. What was I thinking 😂😂

Matcha and jam baked oats!

To make:
50g Rolled oats (blended into an oat flour)
15g vanilla crème (I Used the vegan one)
1/2 mashed banana
1tbsp Heapwell matcha green tea powder
sugar free maple syrup
Plant milk of choice or water (150ml)

strawberry jam

milk chocolate protein spread
Cacao nibs
Edible eyes

To make:
1. Mix all ingredients together
2. Place half the baked oats batter mixture into an oven dish, add your filling and top with the rest of the baked oats batter
3. OVEN BAKE at 200degrees C
10-15 mins - molten oats
20-25 mins- fully baked
4. Add some chocolate spread and shape it. Add some eyes and some black icing
5. Take a pic for the gram!
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