Heapwell Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder 30g - Authentic Japanese Green Tea

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Great Taste 2021 Winner

✓ AAA Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder
✓ Authentic Japanese Product
✓ Celebrated for Award-Winning Excellence
✓ Shade Grown & Stone Ground for Purity
✓ Exquisite Rich Flavor Profile


Our Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder, a distinguished Great Taste 2021 award recipient, is a flagship product of Heapwell Superfoods. It boasts an exquisite and smooth taste profile, masterfully blending a subtle sweetness with a deep, enriching flavour, while maintaining a complete absence of bitterness.

Experience the Authentic Flavor of Kagoshima with Every Sip!

Heapwell Superfoods' Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder is a pure indulgence from Kagoshima, Japan. This 30g pack, offering numerous servings, is a hallmark of superior quality and authenticity. Our matcha, shade-grown and stone-ground, boasts a vibrant green color and a rich, smooth taste that is emblematic of traditional Japanese tea.

A Versatile and Refined Ingredient for Culinary Creations

This premium matcha is a delight not only as a traditional tea but also as a versatile culinary ingredient. Whether it's crafting a creamy latte, a revitalizing smoothie, or indulgent desserts, our ceremonial grade matcha is the perfect addition. Ideal for vegan and gluten-free recipes, it contains no additives or sweeteners, preserving the natural, refined taste of high-grade matcha.

Customer Reviews

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Sammy Briggs
Top Ceremonial matcha

Heapwell Ceremonial Matcha stands out with its vibrant deep green color and a fresh aroma that signals top-quality matcha, distinguishing it from other brands. Its smooth flavor lacks the bitterness often found in alternatives, making it a superior choice for matcha enthusiasts.

Super matcha

Really good quality matcha green tea powder for the price! I only use 1/2tsp so I don't really mind that the quantity is a bit small. The taste is great either hot or cold. I love it especially when I'm mixing it with plant-based milk. Definitely gonna buy more very soon.

Eloise Arundel

I will buy this again when I run out of this wonderful ingredient for making Japanese cakes, macaroons, and cookies.


Loved this! The flavour of this matcha green tea powder is really nice and the texture is smooth. You only need about half a teaspoon per cup so it lasts a surprisingly long time!

Great affordable matcha

I had my first cup of this Japanese matcha tea today. Lovely vibrant green color, easy to whisk, and tastes clean and lovely. No bitter aftertaste. Leaves me with calm, focused energy. Plus, it is affordable compared to many others. The price point and quality is extraordinary!