Ultimate Matcha Set with Finest Great Tasting Matcha

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Ultimate Matcha Set - Finest Matcha Green Tea with Authentic Chawan Bowl, Traditional Bamboo Whisk & Spoon

  1. Great Taste Award Finest Matcha
  2. Bamboo Whisk
  3. Bamboo Measuring Spoon
  4. Matcha Chawan Bowl

Discover the essence of Japanese tea tradition with the Heapwell Superfoods Ultimate Matcha Experience Set, designed for lovers of matcha, matcha lattes, and the broader spectrum of green tea delights. This premier collection features our finest Matcha powder, celebrated for its vibrant hue and exquisite taste, perfect for crafting matcha tea, matcha lattes, or any matcha-infused creation. The set includes an authentic Chawan Bowl, essential for traditional matcha tea preparation, a handcrafted Bamboo Whisk for achieving the ideal froth in your matcha lattes, and a precise Bamboo Spoon for perfect matcha measurement. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned matcha tee aficionados, this set enhances every matcha moment, turning your home into a ceremonial haven.

Customer Reviews

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Maisie Rivas
Recommended for all matcha drinkers

Matcha Set is a revelation for anyone passionate about matcha or green tea. The matcha powder itself is a cut above - lush, vibrant, and bursting with flavor. The traditional tools included are not only functional but add an authentic flair to the whole experience. It's an absolute pleasure to use every morning.

Naya Shah
2nd purchase. One for gifting and one for me

I purchased this matcha set as a gift for a friend, and it was such a hit that I ended up buying one for myself too! The quality of the matcha is exceptional, making for a smooth and delicious tea. The bamboo whisk and spoon are perfect for getting that professional touch at home.

Ankita Prabhu
Matcha set with bowl and matcha

The traditional tools included in the set make preparing matcha a joy and elevate the whole experience. Highly recommended.
p.s., I flaunt this kit in my office

Gareth Leal
Perfect for the price and quality

I've been a matcha enthusiast for years, and the Heapwell Matcha Set is by far one of the best I've encountered.

Rosemary Pena
Tea collector approved

Heapwell Superfoods has truly elevated the matcha experience with this set. The matcha powder is incredibly smooth and froths up nicely, making every cup a luxurious treat. The bamboo tools are not only functional but add a traditional elegance to the whole process. It's been a delightful addition to my tea collection.