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Finest Grade Ceremonial Matcha Powder 30g

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Great Taste 2023 Winner

Our Finest Grade Matcha Powder, celebrated as a Great Taste 2023 winner, is a proud offering from Heapwell Superfoods. This premium matcha is crafted for a luxurious and velvety taste experience, skillfully balancing a delicate sweetness with a rich, profound flavor, and absolutely devoid of bitterness.

✓ Supreme Finest Quality
✓ Product of Uji, Kyoto
✓ Shade Grown & Stone Ground for Exquisite Texture
✓ Velvety Rich Flavor Profile

Savor the Authentic Taste of Japan in Each Cup!

Heapwell Superfoods' Finest Grade Matcha Powder is a true representation of Japanese tea culture. This 30g pack, providing numerous servings, is a testament to our commitment to quality and authenticity. Sourced directly from select gardens in Japan, our matcha is carefully shade-grown and stone-ground, resulting in a brilliant green hue and a flavor that is both smooth and luxuriant.

Culinary Versatility with a Touch of Elegance

This Finest Grade Matcha is more than just an excellent choice for brewing tea; it's a versatile ingredient for your sophisticated culinary experiments. From creating a sumptuous latte to mixing a vibrant smoothie, or even enhancing your baking recipes, our matcha adds a touch of elegance and healthfulness. Perfect for vegan and gluten-free diets, it's free from any additives or sweeteners, ensuring you enjoy the pure, luxurious taste of top-quality matcha.