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Finest Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder 30g Tin - Great Taste Award Winner 2023

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Great Taste 2023 Winner

Our Finest Grade Matcha Powder, celebrated as a Great Taste 2023 winner, is a proud offering from Heapwell Superfoods. This premium matcha is crafted for a luxurious and velvety taste experience, skillfully balancing a delicate sweetness with a rich, profound flavor, and absolutely devoid of bitterness.

✓ Supreme Finest Quality
✓ Product of Uji, Kyoto
✓ Shade Grown & Stone Ground for Exquisite Texture
✓ Velvety Rich Flavor Profile

Savor the Authentic Taste of Japan in Each Cup!

Heapwell Superfoods' Finest Grade Matcha Powder is a true representation of Japanese tea culture. This 30g pack, providing numerous servings, is a testament to our commitment to quality and authenticity. Sourced directly from select gardens in Japan, our matcha is carefully shade-grown and stone-ground, resulting in a brilliant green hue and a flavor that is both smooth and luxuriant.

Culinary Versatility with a Touch of Elegance

This Finest Grade Matcha is more than just an excellent choice for brewing tea; it's a versatile ingredient for your sophisticated culinary experiments. From creating a sumptuous latte to mixing a vibrant smoothie, or even enhancing your baking recipes, our matcha adds a touch of elegance and healthfulness. Perfect for vegan and gluten-free diets, it's free from any additives or sweeteners, ensuring you enjoy the pure, luxurious taste of top-quality matcha.

Customer Reviews

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Authentic matcha green tea powder

I'm so happy to be able to have such high standard Matcha powder, love the smell, color, and what's more, it's so tasty. Really recommend it to those who love Matcha latte. Also great for baking and can be enjoyed drinking just with hot water!

Enjoyable & totally worth it

I’ve had a matcha latte every day since I bought it and it is a wonderful product. Not caffeinated to the point of jitters – just enough to keep you going and wake you up. Pretty subdued, earthy taste. I’m enjoying it!

Thank you makers

Yeah. Really creamy taste. And then as it says the kick Kicks in. It gives me energy and Brain sharpness. And you don’t need much to affect this. ( small fingernail worth in any cold drink. ). Thanks for providing me the best matcha green tea powder

Niddy Samuel
new matcha that i switched to

Very green and tastes smooth, unlike other matcha that i have purchased before which was mostly in a lime green, this one here is rich green and looks perfect (beside the taste of course). I do not know the differences of matcha type but this one so far is the best i had from the three types i tried before.
I like it how they really do care about their products and services to their customers by their follow-ups.
I personally love small business companies because they do take tremendous care about their products, and the ingredients they use to form best quality goods.

quality and colour for good price

Yes, this is a fine Matcha tea. Yes, the container is small but the Quality exceeds expectations. I had my first cup of it this morning. It had a clean-pure taste & It gave me energy all day long (with only four hours sleep) normally when I only sleep four hours, I’m a big fat GRUMP... not today... and not tomorrow either😜 I like this one a lot,...Thanks