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Finest Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea- 30g (Great Taste Award 2023)

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What better way to start your morning than with a cup of our high-end, finest premium matcha?

How about a tea that's packed with antioxidants and gives you a pick-me-up? Carefully handpicked by our most trusted farmers, this ceremonial green tea is packed with health benefits that will help you boost your metabolism and focus. Make your cafe creations at home with our ceremonial matcha. Mix it with steamed almond milk for a matcha latte or use it to make ice cream! It will boost your stamina AND give you mental clarity. Get the lift you need!

Why get yours?

Premium quality: Envelop yourself in the decadent, organic aroma of our ceremonial matcha tea. Carefully selected and sourced from Japan’s most affluent and highly-regarded farms, this vibrant green elixir has a rich, full-bodied aroma and a slightly sweet taste.

An ideal present: Looking for the perfect gift for your beloved that will earn you appreciation? Well, you are in luck! Presented in exquisite packaging, our Finest Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea is the perfect gift for your loved ones, showing them how much you care for them.

Welcome a healthy lifestyle: Do you want a delicious and healthy alternative to coffee? Our matcha tea will help you get those long hours of work done without the crash or caffeine rush. It is a superfood that has antioxidants, vitamins, and the great things that are needed to keep you going. It’s the perfect way to switch from coffee!

Soothe your soul: With its refined taste and a smooth, uplifting aroma, a daily dose of our matcha tea can help you to reduce stress, maintain your ideal weight, and boost your health and beauty. Don our ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder to stay focused, energized, and productive for hours!

Exquisite flavor: Our premium matcha is the highest grade of Japanese green tea, with an elegant appearance and sweet, smooth taste. A floral aroma and a rich, creamy texture accompany the floral aftertaste of our Ceremonial Matcha.

Breathe in the fresh, floral scent of the finest grade matcha tea. A legendary blend of sweetness, floral aroma, and creamy texture; with a touch of cooling freshness, our finest grade matcha tea is simply out of this world.

Keep a daily ritual of drinking matcha, and you’ll enjoy less stress and better mental clarity. Get yours now!