Premium Matcha Starter Kit: 50g Grade A Matcha Powder, Electric Whisk & Measuring Spoon - Ideal for Beginners

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Elevate Your Matcha Experience with Our Premium Matcha Starter Kit - Includes Premium Grade Matcha Powder, Electric Whisk, & Measuring Spoon

Dive into the vibrant world of matcha with our all-in-one Matcha Starter Kit, meticulously curated for both beginners and seasoned matcha lovers alike. This kit provides everything you need to start your matcha journey, featuring 50g of Premium Grade Matcha Powder, a high-efficiency Electric Whisk, and a precise Measuring Spoon. Whether you’re crafting a morning cup of zen or exploring new matcha recipes, our kit delivers the perfect blend of convenience, quality, and tradition.

Why Choose Our Matcha Starter Kit?

  • Premium Grade Matcha Powder: Sourced from the lush tea fields of Japan, our 50g of matcha powder is rich in flavor and nutrients, offering a vibrant green hue and a smooth, umami-packed experience with every sip.
  • Electric Whisk for Perfect Froth: Say goodbye to clumps and uneven mixes. Our electric whisk ensures your matcha is perfectly frothy and smooth, enhancing your drinking experience with the texture that matcha is renowned for.
  • Precision Measuring Spoon: Ensure the perfect matcha-to-water ratio every time with our measuring spoon, designed for the ideal balance of flavor and strength.

Ideal for Beginners and Aficionados
Our Matcha Starter Kit is designed to simplify the traditional preparation process, making it accessible to everyone. It’s the perfect gift for tea enthusiasts or a great addition to your own daily ritual, promoting wellness and mindfulness in every cup.

Sustainability Meets Tradition
We are committed to sustainability and preserving the art of matcha. Our packaging is eco-friendly, and we partner with farms that uphold traditional farming practices, ensuring a product that’s not only good for you but also good for the planet.

Start Your Matcha Journey Today
Embark on a journey to discover the art of matcha. With our Matcha Starter Kit, you’re equipped with everything needed to enjoy matcha at its finest. Explore the depth of flavors and the myriad of health benefits it offers. Perfect for gifting or personal indulgence, our kit is a gateway to a healthier, more mindful lifestyle.

Customer Reviews

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Selina Manzour
On Time delivery

Really good quality matcha for a fraction of price. I will definitely buy matcha green tea powder from Heapwell.

Ryan K Clarke
Good quality

Really good quality and the mixing device is very good

Gordon Matheson
The only kit that matters

No nonsense kit which makes top class lattes

Becca Bland
Great matcha for everyday use

Heapwell Premium Matcha 50g has truly transformed my lifestyle! This Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder is of exceptional quality, with a vibrant green color and a rich, earthy flavor. Incorporating this premium matcha into my daily yoga routine has been a game-changer. The energy boost and mental clarity it provides are unparalleled, making my sessions more focused and invigorating. The smooth, delightful taste makes every cup a joy to drink. For anyone seeking high-quality Japanese matcha green tea powder, Heapwell Matcha is a fantastic choice that offers incredible value and a truly authentic experience.

Caroline Wallis-Dore
Traditional matcha with modern kit

Heapwell Matcha's Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder is absolutely outstanding! This authentic, high-quality matcha powder is perfect for both beginners and enthusiasts. The vibrant green color and rich, earthy flavor show its exceptional quality. The ceremony set, including the electric whisk and spoon, makes preparing this traditional Japanese matcha tea incredibly easy and enjoyable. If you're looking for premium matcha green tea powder, Heapwell Matcha offers fantastic value and an unmatched experience. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to enjoy the true taste of Japanese matcha!