Finest Organic Ceremonial Matcha Kit - Heapwell Matcha Modern Ceremony Set with Rechargeable Electric Whisk and Measuring Spoon

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Experience the art of Japanese tea with the "Finest Matcha Modern Ceremony Kit" from Heapwell Matcha. Our award-winning ceremonial grade matcha comes directly from Uji, Japan, renowned for producing the world’s best matcha. This kit includes a 30g tin of our finest organic ceremonial matcha, which has earned the prestigious Great Taste Award in the UK for 2023. Enjoy the deep, vibrant green colour and smooth, umami-rich flavour with no bitterness, thanks to our shade-grown, stone-ground matcha.

Each set comes equipped with a high-quality, rechargeable electric matcha whisk to ensure your matcha is perfectly frothy every time and a precise 1g measuring metal spoon for the ideal serving. This kit is perfect for both beginners and seasoned matcha lovers who seek a modern twist on the traditional tea ceremony.

Celebrate the subtle floral notes and exquisite texture of our matcha, making every sip a luxurious indulgence. Ideal for daily rituals or as a special gift, Heapwell’s Matcha Modern Ceremony Kit brings contemporary elegance to timeless Japanese tradition.

Customer Reviews

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Bernice Barrett
Recommended for green frothy foam

Just got the Heapwell Matcha Modern Ceremony Kit after seeing it recommended by a matcha expert on TikTok and it's literally the best thing ever! The matcha is so vibrant and smooth, totally living up to the hype. Plus, the electric whisk? It makes the matcha so frothy and perfect every single time. Totally worth it if you're like me and obsessed with getting that perfect cup of matcha. Can't wait to show it off in my next TikTok video!

Mary Blazejewski
matcha kit for home ceremonies

I am a daily matcha drinker for past 5 years. Love this matcha kit from Heapwell! It's clearly top-notch with its rich, umami flavor, and the rechargeable whisk is a game changer for my morning tea ritual.

Kiara Samarth
Tea ceremony kit

Received my tea ceremony kit today. Easy to make matcha tea with modern equipment.