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Premium Grade Matcha Powder 50g

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Winner Of Great Taste 2021

Our Heapwell Premium Matcha is not just any matcha—it's a ceremonial grade matcha that has been honored with the prestigious Great Taste award in 2021. This recognition is a testament to its rich and smooth taste profile, which delicately balances subtle sweetness with a deep, satisfying flavor, entirely free of bitterness. It's the best matcha powder for those who cherish quality and authenticity in their cup.

✓ Product of Japan
✓ Award-Winning Quality
✓ Shade Grown & Stone Ground
✓ Rich Flavour Profile

Discover the Essence of Kagoshima in Every Sip!

Our Heapwell Premium Japanese Matcha Green Tea, sourced directly from the lush fields of the Kagoshima region in Japan, offers an authentic experience of traditional Japanese tea. This 50g pack, providing approximately 50 servings, is a testament to quality and purity, encapsulating the essence of ceremonial grade matcha in each grain. Exclusively shade-grown and stone-ground, our matcha boasts a vibrant green hue and a rich, smooth flavor that distinguishes it as the best matcha powder in the UK & US.

Versatile and Nutritious - A Culinary Delight

This exquisite matcha transcends the conventional use of brewing tea; it's a versatile ingredient ready to elevate your culinary adventures! Whether you're whisking up a smooth latte, blending a refreshing smoothie, or creating delightful ice creams, our matcha adds a healthy and delicious boost. It's the perfect choice for vegan and gluten-free diets, free from additives and sweeteners, preserving the natural goodness of matcha. With Heapwell Premium Matcha, you're not just choosing a tea; you're choosing the best matcha powder UK & US has to offer, ready to transform your culinary creations and tea rituals.
Don't settle for ordinary—choose the great-tasting Heapwell Matcha!